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One of the best additions to your yard is retaining walls. With professional installation by our team at Daily Landscaping, we’ll help you get the most out of your features. There are a few big choices to make for your retaining walls, starting with the material they’re made of, like:

  • Stone veneer
  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Poured Concrete
  • Soil, aggregate, gravel, and other backfill materials
Those are some of the most popular options with our customers. Whatever you want, we’ll make sure you have effective retaining walls when you call us today at (724) 605-4822 and schedule your free estimate!

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Reliable Retaining Wall Installation in Mars, PA

You could be missing out on a number of benefits to your property without retaining walls. For a lot of homeowners, drainage is a problem. Our experts can set up walls to prevent runoff from accumulating.

We can also recommend the best option for your needs. You might want a specific style or theme in your yard. We’ll help find the material and color that will bring out the most for your curb appeal.

Retaining walls can also make a focal point stand out by sectioning off your yard. You can take advantage of that by creating pathways to walk from your patio. This can also increase your home’s value.

We’ve been doing this for a long time. You can trust us to work with your budget for retaining wall installation in Mars, PA. Give us a call at (724) 605-4822 today and schedule your free estimate!

Let Us Do Your Retaining Wall Installation in Mars, PA

While retaining walls have a lot of practical value for your property, aesthetics are important. The right material can provide better protection or accomplish a different goal. Whatever the case, you’ve got several options to choose from, like:

  1. If you want something that’s withstood the test of time, boulders are a solid option. They’re stackable for different heights and you can pick from various sizes. They always come in the same shape, but they’re very effective.
  2. With features that you’ve worked hard for or enjoy, like a garden or patio, concrete or poured concrete provide good protection. Concrete has texture options while poured concrete dries smooth. They’re both grey, but you can use them to bring out the colors of your yard. Concrete can start to crack from freeze-thaw effects over time, but we’ve got you covered for repairs and replacements.
  3. For the rustic, natural look, wood is a great choice. You can pick from planks or timber, but they’re both useful. Wood planks are thinner than timber, so they’re less expensive but also offer less durability. Either way, wood doesn’t weigh much so we can install it faster. Being wood, termites can cause issues and enough rain can begin to rot out the retaining walls.
  4. Brick is another good option to balance aesthetics and practicality. You can choose from all kinds of colors and textures with brick retaining wall installation in Mars, PA. They’re also easy to work with in the future if you need any maintenance.

Picking the best material is just part of choosing your retaining walls. Another reason to work with a professional is because we know the benefits of different types of retaining walls. Here are a few of the popular options:

  1. Cantilevered retaining walls go on top of a concrete slab in the ground. The slab is usually pretty inexpensive and provides a better support system for the walls to function. We might add something vertical if your walls need extra reinforcement.
  2. Gravity retaining walls are grounded for stability. In fact, our team might use a trench to make sure your wall isn’t going to shift. Gravity holds the walls in place, and you have many options for the material. Because of how they work, gravity retaining walls can be just about any material available.
  3. If you want something that can work alone or support existing retaining walls, anchored are a good choice. They can take a lot of punishment and hold up well against rain. They anchor into the ground with cables or anchors to stay in place.
  4. For smaller properties, you might prefer a sheet piling retaining wall. They need softer ground to install, but you can choose between steel, vinyl, and wood to be inserted into your yard.

It’s always suggested to hire a professional for your Daily Landscaping. We provide a number of services, from retaining walls to driveway installation, to give you the best results. We’ve also the experience to help you choose the right color and material to fill your home’s needs and increase your home’s value. Call (724) 605-4822 today and let us help you with a free estimate!

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