Patio and Deck Inspiration for 2023 (and Beyond!)

There are a lot of ways to enjoy your outdoor space and get the most out of your home with proper patio or deck design. On top of the options you have for the actual installation, there are countless ways to decorate your feature. So far, we’ve noticed several trends that are popular with our customers in 2023. 

By utilizing these trends, you can add style and personalize your outdoors for the summer. We know that patios and decks come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t let that stop you from making it your own. If you have a huge patio or a cozy deck, there are design options for anything to create the perfect spot to relax or host a party. 

Porch swings and outdoor fireplaces can add to the entertainment while lighting can bring the atmosphere you need for any occasion. Even if it’s just setting up the right flora and sitting down in a quiet dining area on your porch, our experts can help you with the right design for your vision. Keep reading for more ideas to decorate your patio installations, or let us know how we can help when you reach out to Daily Landscaping today!

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Tips for Patio Decoration

To make your patio a cozy and inviting space, consider decorating it in a way that reflects the comfort and style of your home’s interior. You’ll have plenty of design options to combine practical use with unique decoration for your patio installation, like:

  • Outdoor lighting. Having the right lighting can provide a different atmosphere. Popular choices are woven pendants, string lights, and lit ceiling fans for a nice breeze.
  • Seating options with deeper cushions. You can also add stools, poufs, and ottomans to prop your feet up to relax.
  • A stack of towels or soft blankets for extra comfort when the sun goes down.
  • Outdoor pillows to accentuate your seating.
  • A dining table with simple chairs
  • A fire pit or outdoor fireplace. This isn’t always an option if space is limited.
  • Faux candles and lanterns can light the way on your deck.
  • A gazebo or umbrella overhead can let you enjoy your new patio in the rain.
  • Patio curtains can give you some privacy or shade from the heat.
  • A gas heater.
  • Outdoor area rugs can add some personality to your space. They can also be great for comfort if you walk around barefoot.
  • A side table or coffee table can be a good idea to set drinks down.

While these are some of the popular options for decorating your patio installation in Wexford, PA, there are countless combinations and ideas to work with. 

It’s your deck, so you can choose how to make it your own. Our team will listen to your ideas and help you bring that vision to life. If the space is big enough, you could even want a multi-tiered deck and enhance it with a fire pit. 

Some features might not work for your space or budget, but our landscaping experts will try to find a compromise when you give us a call today to be your residential or commercial landscaper!

Structural Deck Ideas

The foundation and structure of your deck is up to you and the ground of your property. The yard could be slanted or prone to soil erosion, so we might also suggest retaining wall installation to prevent that. Either way, here are some of the trending deck structures so far:

  • Customized deck and patio duo. Having a patio can offer space for multiple purposes while decks can be used for relaxation or entertaining. When you have both in your yard, it can maximize your space.
  • Multi-level deck. Whether you have a big family or throw large gatherings, it can help to assign different sections of your deck. One of the easiest methods is with a multi-level deck to differentiate between purposes. You might have a seating area in the main part and an outdoor kitchen in another.
  • Pool deck. A great way to enhance your pool is with a surrounding deck. You can have pool chairs, an outdoor fireplace for faster drying, or an umbrella to give you shade for the ultimate home vacation.
  • Gastronomical garden. This deck design is focused on the culinary side of your space. You can put an outdoor kitchen on your deck with features like a sink, grill, or refrigerator. Your outdoor kitchen can also have storage for convenience.

Don’t be afraid to give your patio style by daring to be different. Small touches of personality can add to the overall aesthetic or curb appeal. You’ll be able to decide between materials, like composite decking or basic wood. 

Another great way to enjoy your deck or patio is by giving yourself a view. Our mulching services can keep your yard green while you get a better look by sectioning off the features with retaining walls. Call Daily Landscaping today to get started!

Top Rated 52 x 60
SOAP 65 x 60
Elite 63 x 60

It’s always important to know why you want a patio or deck on your property, because that will affect how we plan things out. However, the visuals of your new deck can be just as useful to work out the details. Here are a few ways you can personalize or enhance the style of your deck:

  • Incorporate flowers and trees. Open space can be nice, but adding the natural aesthetics of vibrant flowers and healthy trees can add to your relaxation. It’s also an easy way to make your deck look natural in your yard. 
  • Curved lines on a custom deck. There’s nothing wrong with the rectangular deck, but curved edges look newer and pair nicely with a hot tub.
  • Scandinavian design is all the rage. With the concept of Minimalism being so popular in almost every aspect of the home and business world, it’s no surprise that it’s a trend for patios and decks. This simplistic design inspired by Scandinavia brings sophistication to your patio with built-in furniture and matched flooring. If you want to go the extra mile, panel lighting can add a flourish.
  • Nautical themes. The style of white on blue with painted railings, slats, and cushions can give your deck a calming ocean vibe. To complete the beach scene, you can always opt for lantern lighting and other nautical decorations.
  • Moroccan inspiration. Where other designs are basic, exotic looks like the vibrant colors of Morocco can add flair to your outdoor space. Moroccan lanterns, cushions, mirrored visuals, and all kinds of shaped furniture can make your deck unique.

Those are just some of the styles we’ve noticed being asked about. We offer many services to make your features thrive, like Sewickley snow removal, so let our trained landscapers help style your new deck or patio when you call us today!

Trending Patio or Deck Design in 2023

With so many popular approaches and unique ideas for your patio installation, it can help to know what’s trending. You can trust our experience as your patio contractor Cranberry, but we also want to give you ideas to consider. To make sure you get the best enjoyment and use out of your outdoor features, here are 10 trends to think about:

  1. Composite materials. These typically require less maintenance over time and they’re durable. Azek and Trex are both common examples of composite materials for decks that look like natural wood without the issues like warping and fading.
  2. Deck railing. There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned rails, but you can modernize your safety with vinyl or PVC. These are water-resistant while cocktail railings have a flat surface on top and wider space for dining. You might also like cable railing systems.
  3. Space things out. Separating your deck into areas for different purposes can help with large gatherings and make things easier on you. You might have a multi-level deck for sections like a bar, fire pit, kitchen, hot tub, or dining table. 
  4. Built-in lighting. If you want the ambiance of lights without something hanging down, we can incorporate lighting into your railing, stairs, or posts. You can also take the opportunity to upgrade with LED lighting for better efficiency. Deck lighting can double for security purposes and you can use smart lighting to turn them on at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice.
  5. Flooring inlays in the design. The purpose of an inlay is to complement or contrast the texture or color scheme of your patio pavers. This can also be a good way to separate your deck without having multiple levels.
  6. Keep the area underneath hidden. We can do this by using matching materials, stone skirting, or wood lattice. If you want to make it look newer, we can also install horizontal planks.
  7. Comfort above everything. You deserve to enjoy your deck or patio all the time, so why not put a ceiling fan or heater out there for year-round enjoyment? If you want extra shade from the sun, you could get patio curtains or a pergola.
  8. Gardening is your friend. We can install raised flower beds or vertical planters to maximize your space. Feel free to grow your own vegetables and herbs to use with your outdoor kitchen for convenient access. Some deck materials rot easier than others, so keep that in mind when you’re telling us your ideas.
  9. Go with stone. Natural stone is one of the best looks for your new deck or patio. Because stone is non-flammable and resistant to most elements, it’s perfect for a fire pit, fountain, outdoor kitchen, or bench seating. To hold up the sides of your deck, stone pillars can enhance the aesthetic with strength. 
  10. Incorporate water. Having a fountain on your deck can add the soothing sounds of nature to your time out there. Lighting the fountain for nighttime relaxation can be a great option, though it’s important to choose the right materials to avoid water damage to your decking.

Feel free to dream big with your deck or patio, because you’re only limited by space and your budget. You can rely on trends to guide you in your vision, and our experienced professionals will do the rest to maximize your patio or deck installation.

If you have a porch or deck out back, our experts can update your retaining wall installation to maximize your yard features. We’ve got a lot of experience and knowledge with decks and other services to make sure you can enjoy your outdoor space when you call us today!

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