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Daily Landscaping knows various ways to improve your yard. One of the best methods is with retaining walls. You’ll have many options and decisions, so our professionals can help with suggestions and installation.

The first decision you’ll have to make is which material your retaining walls are made of. Here are common choices by our customers:

  • Backfill materials, like soil, gravel, and aggregate
  • Concrete
  • Poured concrete
  • Stone veneer
  • Wood
  • Brick


That’s not even the entire list of options, which is why it can get overwhelming without our help. We’ll help you find lasting, strong retaining walls for your yard when you call us today and get an estimate!

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Fast Retaining Wall Installation in Evans City, PA

Retaining walls have many uses in your yard. While you’ll have choices to make with their visual, it’s also important to know how they perform. They can protect your new landscaping features or help with drainage.

By using retaining walls to block off sections in your yard, we can guide runoff out. They can do this while complementing the look of your home or other features. Retaining walls can also give your yard a focal point.

There’s an art to landscaping, which is another reason it helps to have a professional. We understand how to create lines in your features to guide the eyes of guests from the comfort of your patio installation.

If you’d rather visitors tour the grounds, retaining walls can create a walkway through the property. Between the uses and looks, they can also increase your curb appeal. 

Retaining wall installation in Evans City, PA is an investment that could pay you back in the long-run. Still, our recommendations will stay within your budget when you call us today for an estimate!

Need Retaining Wall Installation in Evans City, PA?

To make the most of your retaining walls, it comes down to how they’re used in your yard. That’s why the layout is crucial to their success. We’ve got a team of designers that will plan out the best layout. Your choice of material plays a pivotal role in that, with choices like:

  1. Poured concrete. The finished product of poured concrete is smooth, which is why it’s also great for patio installation. Poured concrete is similar to regular concrete in its durability, but it looks more sophisticated. It’s also just as susceptible to cracking after thawing from a freeze enough times. Actual concrete is more textured, and they both give you multiple colors to choose from.
  2. Boulders. These sturdy retaining walls can be stacked to reach whatever height you need. Boulders are different sizes, but the main drawback is that you won’t get to choose the shape. They’re time-tested to be reliable, though.
  3. Brick. This is one of the most popular choices for retaining wall installation in Evans City, PA for good reason. Bricks can be many different colors and they’re different textures. You can use your imagination with our designers to bring out a remodeling aspect or feature in your yard. 
  4. Wood. When you want a natural resource for your retaining walls, you can’t go wrong with the efficiency of wood. It’s trustworthy to reduce soil erosion and doesn’t need much to maintain. The two types to choose from are planks and timber, with planks costing less but providing thinner walls. Wood also doesn’t weigh much, but it can rot and is susceptible to termites.

Since retaining walls can be used for multiple purposes, it can help to know all of your options. We’ll help you choose from a variety of styles and materials, but there are also different types of walls to pick. Here are the main options:

  1. Cantilevered retaining wall. A concrete slab lays the foundation for a retaining wall you can count on to hold its ground. Because of the way they’re installed, cantilevered walls won’t shift or displace your yard.
  2. Gravity retaining wall. You’ll have the most options for which material to choose, since gravity retaining walls can be installed with any material. They use gravity to hold position. You can also choose to make them taller, because we can dig a trench.
  3. Anchored retaining wall. As the name suggests, these use cables or an anchor attached to the ground to stay in place. While they can work just fine alone, you can also use anchored retaining walls to reinforce another wall. They’re sturdy and won’t shift from the weather.
  4. Sheet piling. You’ll be limited on your material options, since only vinyl, wood, or steel can be used with sheet piling retaining walls. That’s because these are placed directly on the dirt and other materials would be prone to rotting or moving. Sheet piling also can’t be installed on hard soil, but we can stack them to reach whatever height you need.

Daily Landscaping will work with your needs to recommend the best option in every category. With the right retaining wall type and material, we can help you bring out the best in your property value. Our designers will also create the perfect layout to accomplish whatever purpose you’re going for. When you want retaining walls for your yard, call us today and schedule your estimate!

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