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There are a lot of ways that retaining walls can be used for your landscaping needs. Between that and the number of options you’ll have for materials and styles, a team of professionals can help.

Our experts will be there for every decision, including common material options like:

  • Wood
  • Stone veneer
  • Concrete
  • Backfill materials like aggregate, gravel, or soil
  • Brick poured concrete 


With so many choices, it can be overwhelming. Our team at Daily Landscaping can help with expert recommendations, so give us a call today at (724) 605-4822 and schedule your free estimate!

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Trust Our Retaining Wall Installation in Gibsonia, PA

Retaining walls are about more than just materials and aesthetics, though. There are several benefits for your property and home value. By positioning the retaining walls, we can help guide runoff and help drainage.

We’ll also help you pick a material that complements the style or color scheme of your landscaping features. We can even use retaining wall installation in Gibsonia, PA to bring out a focal point like your patio.

The aesthetics and protection of retaining walls can also improve your curb appeal for a resale. We can section off areas of your yard to create a walkway for guests to tour the features or make it easier to garden.

We also understand that you might have a budget. We’ve worked with the best products, so we know what will be affordable and provide quality.

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Let Us Do Your Retaining Wall Installation in Gibsonia, PA

Daily Landscaping knows all about layout and design. We know how to give you the most value with your retaining wall installation in Gibsonia, PA. Different materials have different uses and purposes, so here are some of the popular ones:

  1. Wood is a natural way to segment your yard or keep water from causing soil erosion. You’ll have the option between wooden planks and timber. Timber retaining walls are thicker, but a little more expensive than their plank counterparts. Wood is a lightweight material and easy to repair or replace, but it can start to rot or be susceptible to termites.
  2. You might not think of boulders when it comes to retaining walls, but they’ve been used for centuries. Boulders come in different sizes and can be stacked to reach any height, but the shape is always set.
  3. If you’re looking for retaining walls with more color or texture options, you might like brick. It’s easy to install, repair, or replace. Brick can be a great choice to complement or tie together your landscaping or a remodel.
  4. Concrete and poured concrete are similar, but very different, retaining walls. They both provide reliable protection and might crack if they freeze and thaw enough. Poured concrete is smooth, though, while concrete is usually textured. Either choice can be used to make whatever color scheme you’re going for stand out, too.

Another decision that most homeowners don’t know about is that there are multiple types of retaining walls. After you know the material, our experts will help you figure out the best retaining wall for your yard:

  1. Anchored retaining walls can be supportive or standalone. They’re great for a lot of rainfall, because of how solid they are. The idea is that we’ll use cables or an actual anchor in the ground to hold them up.
  2. Speaking of support, cantilevered retaining walls are another good choice. We’ll lay a slab of concrete on the ground to make them stronger. This concrete prevents the cantilevered retaining wall from leaning or shifting, and we can always add more stability.
  3. Sheet piling retaining walls are perfect for smaller areas. The only restriction is that we can’t use them on hard ground, because we have to be able to put the vinyl, steel, or wood into the dirt.
  4. Another popular option is the gravity retaining wall. Like the name suggests, these walls use gravity to stay in place. They’re versatile with what material can be used, so we’ll work with you to figure out which one will meet your needs the most. If necessary, we can dig a trench to raise your wall higher.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices to make when it comes to your retaining walls. From the materials and color schemes to the type of retaining wall you want, we recommend a professional landscaping company for the best results.

Daily Landscaping has a team of landscaping experts ready to help, so what are you waiting for?

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