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Effective Retaining Wall Installation in Cranberry Township, PA

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Retaining walls are a great choice to keep your backyard in tip-top shape. Our team at Daily Landscaping can work with you to design and install a retaining wall that will protect your yard and enhance your home’s value!

There are many materials to choose from so that you can design and visualize a retaining wall that fits with the features of your home. Some popular options include stone veneer, brick, wood, concrete, soil, aggregate, gravel, and other backfill materials. Each option provides specific benefits.

Let our team at Daily Landscaping help you choose the best option for you! If you’re ready for retaining wall installation in Cranberry Township, PA, call us today at (724) 605-4822 and let us get to work for you!

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Premier Retaining Wall Installation in Cranberry Township, PA

Do you notice standing water in your yard after rainfall? Every yard has this issue to some extent. Drainage, or lack thereof, can be an issue that causes problems with the integrity of your grass and soil. 

Our experts at Daily Landscaping know that the key to keeping your yard in the best shape possible is a retaining wall. Retaining walls not only improve drainage and keep standing water from killing your grass, but they also make a yard more visually appealing, increasing the value of your home!

Daily Landscaping has been around for a long time, so you can trust us to install a retaining wall that you envision! We can work within your budget and help you make a plan to protect your yard and increase your home’s value! Give us a call today at (724) 605-4822 to schedule your retaining wall installation in Cranberry Township, PA!

First-Rate Retaining Wall Installation in Cranberry Township, PA

Our team at Daily Landscaping can walk you through the various options when it comes to material and color. We can work with your vision and preferences to create a design that complements your home. Retaining walls can draw your eye to a focal point by sectioning off your yard. We can even integrate pathways so walking through your yard is always a pleasure!

You don’t want your retaining wall to just be practical, you want it to be attractive as well. Our team of experts at Daily Landscaping are family with the materials available and can walk you through your options so that we install a retaining wall that not only does its job, but looks pretty while doing it! Boulders are a popular option. They are natural features that come in various sizes and can be stacked to different heights.

They are always the same shape, but they are very effective! Poured concrete easily highlights the key features of your backyard such as a garden or patio and offers a smooth finish for your retaining wall. For textures, you can choose concrete instead, which provides comparable benefits. Concrete is susceptible to cracking due to extreme weather changes, but Daily Landscaping has got you covered!

We offer maintenance and repair services for any issues you may have with your retaining wall. For a more natural look, wood is a great choice. We offer both planks and timber. Planks are thinner and cost-effective, however their durability is less than that of timber. Wood, although a beautiful, rustic option, may have issues down the road with termites and enough rain could cause it to rot.

Brick is a fantastic option for your retaining wall. You have many choices in style, color, and texture. Our team at Daily Landscaping can guide you to design the retaining wall that fits your vision and complements your home. Brick is sturdy, durable, and easy to replace and repair, making it a terrific choice all around.

Picking the best material for your retaining wall is only one part of the process. You also have a handful of retaining wall types we can install for you. 

  1. Cantilevered retaining walls are fixed on top of a concrete slab on the ground. The slab is inexpensive and provides a good support system for the walls to function. Depending on the height of your retaining wall, we may also add some vertical support for extra reinforcement.
  2. Gravity retaining walls are a very stable option as well. Generally the wall is planted in a trench and can be made of any of the materials available. 
  3. Anchored retaining walls anchor into the ground and can work alone or support existing retaining walls. They withstand the rain very well and are extremely durable.
  4. For smaller properties with softer ground, you have the choice of a sheet piling retaining wall. You have options of steel, vinyl, and wood to be inserted into your yard.

Daily Landscaping can provide your retaining wall installation in Cranberry Township, PA. Our team of professionals know exactly how to help you choose, design, and install the retaining wall that will best fit your yard, add to your curb appeal, and increase your home’s value. Choose Daily Landscaping for your retaining walls today by calling (724) 605-4822

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