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One of the best ways to get more out of your home’s exterior is with a patio. You might also be surprised at the number of ways to customize a patio to fit your lifestyle. Between the practical uses and visuals, there are a lot of options. That’s why we always recommend hiring a professional for your landscaping needs.

It all starts with the materials to build your patio. We’ve got a lot of experience in the industry, so we’ll help you choose the best for your situation. The top picks among our customers range from brick and flagstone all the way to poured concrete and gravel.

You can even go with something like granite. We’ll work with your budget to create a patio that’s unique to you. Call Daily Landscaping today at 724-601-7681 and get started with an estimate!

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In Search of Patio Installation in Sewickley, PA?

Our team of experts at Daily Landscaping specializes in many services. We can give you an outdoor experience to be proud of and show off. That’s also how we know that patio installation in Sewickley, PA can be so effective for multiple purposes. We can give you a stunning visual to relax on or something to complement the rest of your yard. If you already have a patio, we can upgrade to better materials or to create a new look. Whatever you need, we’re here for you!

If you’ve worked hard on your yard, you should be able to look over it from the comfort of your patio. Our retaining wall installation can be a great way to section off your features. It can also serve the dual purpose of assisting drainage. We want your patio to last for a long time, so we’ll make recommendations to avoid flooding. Considering the increase to your curb appeal that a patio can bring, we want you to get the most out of it, so call us today at 724-601-7681!

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Experienced Patio Installation in Sewickley, PA

The material that your patio is built out of can make a huge impact on its durability and cost. You’ll also want to think about the aesthetic you want to achieve. For example, gravel is cheaper, easy to replace, and can prevent weeds around your patio. Another benefit of gravel is a reduction in soil erosion, but there are a lot of options for patio materials, like tile, poured concrete, and flagstone.

When it comes to your patio installation in Sewickley, PA, there’s no wrong answer. We want you to pick what you want, but we’ll help you make an informed decision. If you want something that doesn’t take a lot of upkeep, tile might be a great choice. We can replace tiles quickly and they come in all kinds of styles and textures. With numerous colors to pick from, tile gives a lot of aesthetic options.

However, tile can be slippery without a covered patio, so we’ll put that in our design stage. On that note, poured concrete is easy to plan out and work with. It doesn’t take much maintenance and it lasts a long time. Of course, flagstone offers a combination of the best factors that many materials bring. It’s got the longevity with simple maintenance and repairs. Flagstone also has a lot of colors and styles to choose from.

Those are just a few of the most common material choices, so let us help! We’ll be happy to take care of any repairs or replacements you need down the road. Our team will work with your budget to give you the patio you deserve. We can also do any of our other services while we’re there, like retaining wall installation. If you want experienced professionals, call Daily Landscaping today at 724-601-7681 for an estimate!

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